The I&S Studio

Can I visit the studio?

The I&S studio is predominantly a workroom with a small showroom area. We request that visitors make an appointment so that we can ensure  we have our hands free when you visit.

What are your opening hours?

We are in the studio between 9:30 and 5:30, Tuesday to Friday. We do not work weekends, except the occasional Saturday when we have our Open Studio events.

What are your upcoming Open Studio dates?

Come watch a printing demonstration, have a cup of tea, a chat and browse our textiles!

No dates for 2014 yet scheduled – sorry!

All dates run from 11am til 1pm unless otherwise specified. Dates are subject to change, please keep an eye on our blog and Facebook for details.

How do I find your studio?

The studio address is:

Suite 206, 10 Elizabeth St
Kensington VIC 3031

We are located on level 2 within the Younghusband Wool Store building, which is quite large. Our entrance on Elizabeth St has a dark timber panelled foyer with a couple of garish chandeliers. In the foyer you can either catch the lift or come up the stairs to level 2.

Custom printing

Do you wholesale your textiles or sell to trade?

We do! We offer discounted and wholesale pricing to both wholesale and trade customers. Please apply for a wholesale account here.

Can you print different colours to those shown?

We no longer offer custom colour mixing. If there is a particular colour that is absent from our range please get in touch – we may consider adding it to the collection if we deem it suitable.

Can I supply my own basecloth?

We print on a highly curated range of organic and sustainable basecloths and a reluctant to dilute our range with too many basecloth options. We may consider a supplied basecloth if it fits our ethos and is deemed a suitable quality.

Can I supply my own design?

No we do not print supplied designs, we only print our own range. We can recommend Print Ink or NMBQ for screen printing, or Frankie & Swiss for digital printing.

What is the minimum length for custom printing

The minimum length depends on the repeat of the design chosen, so varies between 2.1 – 2.5m.

How much is your fabric per metre?

Fabric prices vary depending on selected basecloth and length ordered. Prices for custom printed lengths can be viewed in the customise section of our site. Select a design, choose your basecloth & colourway and the price will be updated to reflect your selection towards the bottom of the page.

What are your lead times?

Our lead time for custom printing vary from 3 – 5 weeks depending on our current workload.

How can I pay?

We can accept payment via direct deposit, credit card (2% surcharge) or paypal (3.4% surcharge).

Do you ship worldwide?

We do indeed! We can accept orders from anywhere in the world.

How much is postage? What company do you use and will my parcel be insured?

Postage varies depending on weight and location. We use Australia Post for smaller domestic orders, Couriers Please for larger domestic orders and Ship2Anywhere for international orders. Insurance is not included unless requested. We will not replace or refund your order if you do not choose for your parcel to be insured. That said we very rarely have parcels go missing!

What print quality should I expect?

Our fabric is hand printed and therefore subject to the variations inherent in the hand printing process. We have high print quality standards however flawless printing is never a guarantee. If the print quality is deemed by us to be substandard we will give you a discount for any wastage caused.


Can I order sample swatches?

We have two different sample swatch sets available to wholesale & trade customers, a set of loose swatches for your own browsing, or a modular waterfall swatch set for display purposes. The modular set is designed to allow the addition and removal of swatches as our range changes over time. We will keep your set updated with new designs as they become available.

Both sets feature a cross section of our stock textile range. They do not show every colourway available in every design, but we try to cover a wide range of colours and basecloths.

standard swatch set

Loose swatch set = $45 + GST


waterfall swatch set

Waterfall swatch set – $100 + GST (50% refunded on first order)

Please contact us to place an order.


We also offer hangers for individual stock fabrics:


Individual hangers (measuring 45cm x 45cm) – $8.50 ea + GST

Cuttings of individual fabrics are available free of charge to eligible customers.


Can you supply colour samples for custom printing?

Colour sampling for custom printed colourways are available for a fee of $10 per individual colour. Samples consist of a solid colour block printed on your chosen basecloth.

Samples are not supplied printed in your chosen design simply because this would be a costly and time consuming process.

Colour sampling is highly recommended for custom printing if colour accuracy is a priority. Our on screen rendering of your colourway is as accurate as technology allows, however nothing beats the real thing!

Fabric care

If the fabric washable?

Yes, the fabric has been heat set and is therefore washable. We recommend a gentle cold machine wash or hand wash. Gentle washing will preserve the life of the print.

Is the fabric lightfast?

The technical data sheet for our inks states the following:

“Light Fastness is good. No colours yield less than 6 on the Blue Wool Scale and most are the full 8/8. Fully heat cured prints have excellent wash and dry clean fastness.”

The above lightfastness qualities does not always extend to the basecloth used. Unbleached or coloured basecloths are subject to the same fading that you would expect from any natural fibre fabrics when exposed to direct sunlight.

What are the rub ratings on your fabrics?

After heat curing, our prints exhibit very good resistance to wet/dry rub.

We do not conduct rub testing on our fabrics because the rating varies considerably depending on the basecloth, colour and print chosen. Our fabrics are hand printed onto natural fibres which means they will never have the same inherent longevity as a synthetic fabric with a woven design. Heavy duty commercial usage is only recommended if you are willing to embrace the limitations of hand printed, organic fabrics (alongside their wonderful benefits!).

Will your fabrics wear over time?

With heavy repeat usage our fabrics will show some signs of wear over time. That said, we feel that they wear beautifully and have an appreciable character in keeping with the nature of hand printed fabrics.

Can you waterproof the fabric?

For orders of 12m or more our heat-setting company is able to supply a waterproofing service for a nominal additional fee.


How do I apply for an internship?

Due to the high demand for internship positions in the studio we have decided to accept applications in two ’rounds’ each year. Applications for the first half of 2015 are now open. Apply here (applications close Friday 23rd January).

How long is an Internship at I&S?

We prefer interns to be available for a minimum of 2 weeks (maximum 4), for at least 4 days a week. This gives you plenty of opportunity to settle into the studio and become a confident, comfortable and useful part of the team!

What qualifications do I need?

We’re pretty non-discriminatory about your history and qualifications. Some of our best interns have studied nothing even vaguely related to textiles. All we require is your keen-ness to learn, an interest in what we do and a good attitude!

What's an internship at I&S all about?

Interning at a small business like I&S means a couple of things: on the plus side, you get a pretty good sense of how a small business runs. Lara & Caitlin are responsible for doing pretty much everything in the business, and you’ll get to witness most of that. We’re also more than happy to share information, so you can ask us pretty much anything and we’ll answer it to the best of our knowledge.

On the downside, being small means that our production capacity is also pretty small. We don’t produce a new range of textiles every season. We don’t produce a hugely extensive collection of products. We don’t have a “design department” or anything else like that which you might hope to assist in. We have a range of textiles that is slow moving, highly considered and designed with sustainability and longevity in mind. There’s no fast paced action stations at the Ink & Spindle studio. When we do design new prints it usually happens in our spare time, so you likely won’t get a chance to witness this process or assist us in it.

What tasks will I be doing?

Cutting and packaging fabric for products.
For shop orders, upcoming markets, sample swatches, cushions etc.

If you’re good with a sewing machine you might help us fill an order of cushions or some such.

Mixing inks.
If you stay for long enough we’ll show you how we mix our inks and get you to help out.

Washing screens.
You’ll probably wash a lot of screens during your time here, and they’re big. Sorry!

Domestic duties.
Generally helping keep the studio tidy and orderly. We’ll also get you to make tea and wash the dishes. Fun times!

Chatting with us over morning tea.
Morning tea at 11am is a ritual, and a good chance for you to ask us lots of questions.

Working on your own self directed project.
This last point is an important one – often there are days where we simply won’t have a lot for you to do. On these days we will get you to work on your own self directed project. We have an extensive library of technical and inspirational books and a bunch of supplies that you’re welcome to use. The project will be based on your existing skill level and experience. We try to make sure that you can work on something that’s a bit of a challenge for you, even if you have a lot of experience already. Most times we get interns to work on an A3 sized stencil cut repeat design that you’ll screen print as meterage on our table. Interns who stay for longer can expose screens or experiment with other printmaking techniques.

It’s also worth mentioning here that unfortunately we cannot allow interns to help us with the printing of our own textiles. Due to material costs and the nature of our processes it is not viable and a little too risky. We will gladly talk you through our processes but you will not get hands on experience with printing full width meterage.

Do internships pay?

Unfortunately no, the position is not a paid one. We do provide avocado and crackers every day for morning tea though!