Commonly known as the Bottlebrush, the Callistemon is a beautiful, delicate and often pendulous flower which just had to be translated to cloth. Lara drew these Bottlebrush sprigs by hands, accentuating the colour of the flowers with a second splash of colour sitting behind.

Horizontal Repeat: 1240mm
Vertical Repeat: 500mm
Designer: Lara Cameron

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Our screen printing table allows for a maximum length of 10.5m metres in a single run. Lengths are based on the vertical repeat of each individual design. Please note that despite our best efforts colourways shown on screen may not render with complete accuracy. Sample swatches are available in our ready-made store for a fee of $10 per colour and are highly recommended. Strike-offs are also available.

  • Prices are based on the selected basecloth
  • Minimum order: 2.5m
  • Available in repeats of 500m

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